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Birthdate:Jul 6, 1957
Location:United States of America
I decided to join LJ myself because of the several friends I have who write there regularly. That journal has been a good place to write down recollections of years past and add to them current happenings in my life — if some sort of archive of this journal outlives me (whether there or here on DW), perhaps it'll serve as a portrait or memoir of some sort. I kind of like that idea.

Since sometime in 2008 my blog entries have diminished in length and frequency because of my activity on Facebook; I know that this is a common thing, and that some former LJers have abandoned their blogs altogether in favor of the more immediate, short-form format of FB, Twitter, and the like. I am a believer, though, in deeper, long-form writing (and reading), and I have no plans to leave LJ (or, now, Dreamwidth), though I can't be depended on to read or post as frequently as I used to. Just for the record.


I'm a musician; I play piano for this and that, sing some (mostly choral music), work sometimes on Broadway and sometimes in opera or classical music... wherever the work is. Sometimes the work is plentiful, and sometimes it isn't; such is the life of a freelance musician! Of course this affects our household finances for better or worse, and at times that is reflected in what I write. As a native of New England I was taught not to complain or ever let on when anything is wrong; I've had to retrain myself to be honest to myself and to others about things. I am trying to extend some of that emotional honesty to my journal, which, after all, is supposed to be for me more than it is for anyone else.

By the same token, I'm learning to respect the choices that those on my Friends List make about what to write, remembering that their entries are not primarily for my entertainment, but for whatever purposes they choose. Every one of us makes a private choice about what to write, how to organize it, whether to make it public, with whom to share it, whether to remove or edit it later, etc. I hope that you will respect the choices I make as well.

I love to dance, mostly traditional and folk dance such as square dancing (Challenge level), contra dancing, English and Scottish country dancing... also some International Folk Dance, though I'm only a relative beginner at that. I enjoy making music for dance as well. It may seem like a busman's holiday to some, for a musician to enjoy making music as a hobby. But when it's for fun, it's different from when it's a job. Other musicians mostly understand this.

I'm gay, very gay in fact, and I identify with the "bears." You either know what this means or you don't. ;-) If you don't, you can check out "bears" under my Interests, I suppose.

I am partnered with a terrific guy, [info]trulygrateful. I like the term "husband." I am also HIS "husband," since our relationship is based on equality of roles. We have been together since 1996; Jan. 14, 2008 marks twelve years together. Wow, how time flies. We hope that in our lifetimes we can get married... somewhere... with the full legal benefits that that should include.

At this writing (July 2010) I am employed on a national tour of a major Broadway show, so you'll see lots of references to that in word and image. Those images are meant to give a glimpse into my day-to-day life, however banal that may sometimes appear. For those who think that life in "the theatah" is all glamor and excitement, your illusions may be dashed. :-) Anyway, for me the good news is that I have regular employment, which is not to be taken for granted in today's economy; I know many of you are not as lucky, and my situation could change in a year or two as well.

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